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7-in-1 Device Cleaning Kit

7-in-1 Device Cleaning Kit

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Make your favourite devices look and perform their absolute best with the ultimate tool combining versatility, effectiveness, and comfort like none other. From smartphones and headphones to keyboards and cameras, it effortlessly removes smudges, fingerprints, and dust, maintaining a spotless appearance.

The power of seven essential cleaning tools is combined all in one compact package to deliver the ultimate experience.

The kit includes
Folding pen, combining a mini brush, sponge and silicone tip

Fiber cloth with a spray bottle for screen cleaning
High-density brush7-in-1-high-density-brush
Keycap puller


Increase Device Lifespan
Removing dust from your devices will minimize potential damage and ensure lasting use.


Ensure the best performance
Prevent technical issues from building up over time. Sticky keys and clogged earbuds negatively affect the performance.


Improve hygiene
Maintain a germ-free environment. Keeping your device clean is especially important if you use it frequently.


Choose cost-effective solution
Save your money in the long run by keeping your devices in their best shape instead of replacing them.


Please note
Due to international shipping regulations, the spray bottle is delivered to you empty as fluids are not allowed to be shipped via airlines.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Neva Parker


Lukas Greenfelder

Good for its price. The grey fabric does a good job cleaning the screen of the cell phone. It works best with the keyboard. Considering the price, it's good. Got shipped in 13 days

Tom Dickinson

Great cleaning product for the setup. Very practical and compact. I recommend it to everyone.

Tamia Goyette

The box was somewhat damaged, but everything else arrived in perfect condition. The screen cleaner that was what I was most interested in does work. Although I expected it a little smaller, it serves perfectly

Erling Stamm

Good quality, everything works super well