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Nylon Zip Ties 100 Pcs

Nylon Zip Ties 100 Pcs

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Organizing cables and other wires is a breeze with STONEGO. These ties are made of strong and durable nylon that holds bundles securely. With 100 pieces per package, your setup will look neat and professional in no time.


Prevent damage
Avoid potential damage from accidental pulling, tripping, or bending, which could lead to shortened cable lifespan or malfunction.


Improve safety
Tangled and loose cables can be hazardous, posing a tripping or fire risk. A cable organizer keeps cables out of the way, reducing the chance of accidents. It's an absolute must-have in a house with children or pets.


Save time
Spend less time untangling and searching for the right cable, and be more productive.


Length: 150mm(5.9")

Manufacturer: STONEGO

Quantity: 100 pcs.

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