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Motospeed CK104

Motospeed CK104

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Motospeed CK104 keyboard features 104 keys with RGB backlighting for a more impressive gaming experience. Its budget price tag makes it a better choice than overpriced keyboards on the market. Enjoy a quality gaming experience without breaking the bank.


Enhanced Comfort
Mechanical keyboards are best at providing a comfortable typing experience, and along with vibrant RGB backlighting, they offer adjustable illumination levels to reduce eye strain during your work hours or gaming sessions.


Personalized Aesthetics
Mechanical keyboards with RGB allow you to tailor a totally personal piece of equipment according to your needs and vision. Is it the new color pattern you fancy, or maybe it's the new keycaps or the entire set of key switches?


Keyboard Type: Mechanical, Wired, RGB Backlit

Keyboard Material: ABS + Aluminium Alloy

Keyboard Size: 104 Keys

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