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Motospeed Darmoshark K3 Pro

Motospeed Darmoshark K3 Pro

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Motospeed Darmoshark K3 Pro is an awesome and efficient accessory, featuring a unique 15° angled design which allows you to enjoy a fast and smooth typing experience.

Fully-customizable RGB

Huano switches

Ultimate Comfort
K3 Pro is ergonomically designed to provide the utmost comfort during long marathon gaming runs. The keys are perfectly spaced and shaped to reduce fatigue, ensuring you stay at the top of your game.

Mobility and Freedom
Don't limit yourself to wires. With the support of wireless connections allow yourself some creativity by placing the keypad whenever you want without having to think about cable management.

Designed for gaming
This keypad is designed with gamers in mind. Every key is optimized to give you a competitive edge in any virtual battlefield.

Technical specifications:
Keyboard Type
: Mechanical, Wireless, Keypad

Keyboard Size: 19 keys

Switches: Huano

Hot-swap: Yes

Supported connections: Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz, USB-C

Keyboard Material: PBT Plastic

Manufacturer: Motospeeed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Javon Stehr

Great numpad works both wireless and wired. Comes with keycap puller and a good switch puller.

Fred Pacocha

I had to wait a little bit because the keypad was sold out.
Eventually after about a month it was back in stock and immediately sent to me. The waiting had me thinking of canceling the order and get another numpad but I'm very glad that I didn't.
The numpad is well made and has beautiful design along with rgb. It was very easy to install the software and adjust the programmable buttons. I got through the keycaps multiple times and I love it. Highly recommend! <3

Zachary Cassin

It took only 7 days to arrive in Singapore. So satisfied with the product. Compact, simple and easily programmed.

Liam Monahan

Fast shipping. Product works well as expected and I am super enjoying it.

Jarret Rolfson

I ordered about four types of keypads because I suddenly got my heart on the keypad, and I think K3 Pro is the best one.