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Motospeed SK84

Motospeed SK84

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Motospeed SK84 is the perfect choice for those looking for a stylish, reliable, and efficient keyboard. Its wireless capabilities mean you won't run into any tangles and its RGB lights add a touch of style. With this keyboard each keystroke is responsive and accurate.


Enhanced Comfort
Mechanical keyboards are best at providing a comfortable typing experience, and along with vibrant RGB backlighting, they offer adjustable illumination levels to reduce eye strain during your work hours or gaming sessions.


Personalized Aesthetics
Mechanical keyboards with RGB allow you to tailor a totally personal piece of equipment according to your needs and vision. Is it the new color pattern you fancy, or maybe it's the new keycaps or the entire set of key switches?


Enhanced Portability
The wireless connection design ensures easy portability and efficient positioning, fitting seamlessly into your professional setup.


Keyboard Type: Mechanical, RGB Backlit, Wireless

Keyboard Size: 84 Keys

Switches: Outemu(Blue, Red)

Battery: 500mAh

Keyboard Material: PBT Plastic

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hilario Macejkovic

Cool keyboard, came whole, the box was only slightly crumpled. Generally quiet and made of pleasant materials, many modes, Red switches, a modest set, but there is everything you need

Princess Johns

The kit is complete, everything is in excellent condition. For such a price a wireless mechanics machine.
Response on the wire and through the 2.4 GHz adapter is instant, there is no discomfort.
The keys are close enough, so immediately be prepared for the fact that you will have to get used to if you used the standard key arrangement before.

At first, just like the previous user with the recall, there was a connection problem, neither the wire nor the wireless connection, the keyboard did not want to connect. According to the instructions, I pired the necessary keyboard shortcuts, everything started up.

Red swings are quiet, pleasant, as they should be.

Boots: The F6 and F7 keys were originally changed in some places